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Author: Dan

GoPro pocket recording fail

Took the kids karting today. All good fun, much skidding and crashing and shouting. All good.

One rather hilarious aside. This karting place lets you rent GoPros to stick onto your helmet (shut up), and then they upload the videos to Dropbox afterwards for you to download and cherish. Quite a cool idea, and so I got one for each of the kids.

When I went to download the videos of our little darlings’ racing efforts, in among the actual recordings of the kids I found what was clearly an inadvertent pocket recording of our race marshal a) making some rather gross jokes to the poor girl on reception and b) slagging off a bunch of the customers.

No, I didn’t dob him in. Obviously. I mean, I’d be the first to admit that I can be a prick at times, but I’m not THAT much of a prick.

Still, it’s a salutary lesson. We all carry so many potential recording devices around with us, and we’re all so, so careless about where those recordings go. Yer man is lucky that I’m not one of those tedious “We were HORRIFIED to find that …” types who whinge at companies on social media in a pathetically transparent effort to get attention and/or free shit.

DIY NAS Project – part 2

Well, that was a piece of piss. Blast the image onto an SD card, hook up the USB drive, fire up the Pi, let it sort itself out, find its IP address from the router, log in, change default passwords, partition and format the USB drive, set up users and shares, and bingo. Took less than half an hour, and it was all done through the web interface; I didn’t have to touch the command line once. I am very, very impressed indeed with Open Media Vault. Free software at its best.

Next task is to catalog and organise the zillions of photos and videos I have scattered around various cloud drives and external hard disks. Happily, I came across this nifty little utility, which seems to do it pretty much automagically. It’s worth springing the paltry 9 bucks to get the pro licence.

Sekiro is absolutely kicking my arse

I’m a relatively recent convert to From Software’s oeuvre. I tried Dark Souls back in the PS3 era, and I remember getting as far as the Capra Demon and then basically thinking “well, fuck THAT”. It wasn’t until last year, when I disappeared down a Bloodborne-shaped rabbit hole for about four months, that the brutal-instant-death-as-education gameplay loop that is Miyazaki’s calling card clicked with me.

I finished Bloodborne, loved every minute of it, and went on to play, finish and adore Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 too (we don’t talk about Dark Souls 2). I’m no onebro, but I’m good enough to acclimatise to the difficulty, get through to the end, and appreciate these games as the peerless works of genius that they are.

Or so I thought. Enter Sekiro.

See, my Soulsborne play style is very much focused on dex and stamina; dancing around waiting for an opening, then getting in, doing some damage with a fast weapon, and getting out again before the next attack. It worked great for Bloodborne, and well enough for Souls 1 and 3. It didn’t matter that I sucked at parrying.

Sekiro doesn’t work like that, at all. Sekiro is all about parrying. Split second timing. Carefully watching the tells. You can’t dance around health-chipping the bosses in Sekiro. You have to out-fence them.

This I cannot do. I try and try and try but I just can’t get the timing, or maybe now I’m getting older my reactions just aren’t quick enough any more. Either way, it’s just not happening for me.

But that’s OK. I have a huge backlog of games. I’m going to play Far Cry 5 and Divinity, and then come back to Sekiro later. Maybe, as with Dark Souls, the penny will drop second time around.