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Tricked out Atari

Here’s my now fully tricked out Atari ST:

It’s a 520STE upgraded with 4MB RAM and TOS 1.62. It has an HXC floppy emulator (for loading disk images from a USB thumb drive), an adaptor to allow for a modern-ish USB mouse rather than those horrible bricks from back in the day, and best of all an UltraSatan, courtesy of the magnificent Lotharek.

I do own rarer or more collectible retro machines, but the ST is a bit special. I’ve deliberately kept it very close to how the the original machine would have been in the 90s, just adding a few useful modern conveniences here and there rather than going overboard on the upgrades.

When I was a kid with a Spectrum+, it was the Atari ST that I drooled over rather than the Amiga, for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Amiga very much. I own two of them. And yes, I know that the Amiga was technically superior to the ST. But there was something about those old Silica Shop adverts that made the ST seem like this whole other world of possibilities. And let’s be honest – it just looks way cooler than the Miggy. Look at the slant on those function keys; totally pointless, but so awesome.

Finally cleaned up the retro cupboard

It only took me two years to get round to it.

Cleaned up retro cupboard

Starting in the top left, we have a Gamecube (with 3x Wavebird receivers and a Gameboy Advance player), a PS1, a Dreamcast, a Megadrive 2, a Mega CD 2, a Neo Geo Pocket Colour, a PSP, an Atari 2600, a Saturn, and a PC Engine CoreGrafx. On the lower shelf we have a Cambridge Z88, an Atari STE (upgraded to 4MB RAM and with a Gotek USB disc emulator in place of its 3.5″ floppy drive), an Atari 65XE and a Sinclair QL. I also have an Amiga 1200 that normally sits behind the QL, but that’s currently off with Mutant Caterpillar Games being recapped and having some dodgy soldering around the mouse port sorted out.

Because I’m a self-indulgent nerd, I also just ordered an UltraSatan for the STE. I am unreasonably excited for its arrival. There’s a whole world of STE homebrew stuff out there that requires a hard drive. I can’t wait to go delving into it.

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