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Please let this be true

George R R Martin working on a game with Hidetaka Miyazaki?


I think I just soiled myself.

Man swallows, craps out Airpod

Honestly. I don’t know whether I’m more appalled by the bloke concerned (If you went rummaging in your own poo to get your headphones back, would you then tell the world about it?) or impressed by Apple’s build quality.


DIY NAS Project – part 2

Well, that was a piece of piss. Blast the image onto an SD card, hook up the USB drive, fire up the Pi, let it sort itself out, find its IP address from the router, log in, change default passwords, partition and format the USB drive, set up users and shares, and bingo. Took less than half an hour, and it was all done through the web interface; I didn’t have to touch the command line once. I am very, very impressed indeed with Open Media Vault. Free software at its best.

Next task is to catalog and organise the zillions of photos and videos I have scattered around various cloud drives and external hard disks. Happily, I came across this nifty little utility, which seems to do it pretty much automagically. It’s worth springing the paltry 9 bucks to get the pro licence.

DIY NAS project

Quite by chance, I saw that Amazon was having a special on USB hard drives, and that was all the excuse I needed. For ages I’ve fancied having a bash at building a Raspberry Pi-based NAS for my home.

So, I have a 6TB drive and an RPi3 winging their way to me. The basic plan is to blast some OpenMediaVault onto the SD card, then set up the 6TB drive for SMB sharing and move all the baby photos and old DV cam footage off of the nine year old Buffalo NAS device and the array of USB drives and cloud services they’re currently scattered across.

I’ll write up how it all pans out.

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