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You can have any party you like …

… as long as it’s the bloody Tories, that is.

I just got back from voting in the local council elections and I am absolutely sodding furious.

I duly handed over my polling card, was issued with my ballot paper and went over to the booth. I looked down at the ballot paper and read it. Then I read it again. Then I turned it over in case there was some mistake. Then I read it again.

The only party with candidates on the ballot was the Conservative Party. Other than a couple of crackpot independents, my choice was between Tory A, Tory B and Tory C (all of whom as it happens were standing outside the polling station trying not to look smug, and failing).

Nobody from Labour, nor the Lib Dems, nor the Greens. Not even a token swivel-eyed Kipper.

Now, I know I live in a safe Tory seat, but this is ridiculous. Why, in a year when the Tories have never been more unpopular or more assailable, why did no other party field any candidates? Why?

Christ our politics is broken.

GoPro pocket recording fail

Took the kids karting today. All good fun, much skidding and crashing and shouting. All good.

One rather hilarious aside. This karting place lets you rent GoPros to stick onto your helmet (shut up), and then they upload the videos to Dropbox afterwards for you to download and cherish. Quite a cool idea, and so I got one for each of the kids.

When I went to download the videos of our little darlings’ racing efforts, in among the actual recordings of the kids I found what was clearly an inadvertent pocket recording of our race marshal a) making some rather gross jokes to the poor girl on reception and b) slagging off a bunch of the customers.

No, I didn’t dob him in. Obviously. I mean, I’d be the first to admit that I can be a prick at times, but I’m not THAT much of a prick.

Still, it’s a salutary lesson. We all carry so many potential recording devices around with us, and we’re all so, so careless about where those recordings go. Yer man is lucky that I’m not one of those tedious “We were HORRIFIED to find that …” types who whinge at companies on social media in a pathetically transparent effort to get attention and/or free shit.

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